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    About CODE club
    About CODE club

    The CODE club is an exclusive society of Lithuanian developers and engineers, established by Telia Global Services Lithuania competency hub. The club aims to create and implement projects and solutions that will improve lives of millions of customers across Nordics and Baltics. From digital channels, websites, apps, systems and databases to CRM, Salesforce or ServiceNow – there’s a challenge for experienced architect as well as junior developer waiting to be taken on at CODE club.

    20 000 000
    clients globally
    20 000
    international colleagues

    In order to become a full-time member of CODE club, you will need to overcome #followtheduck challenge, which consists of 6 tasks. The tasks here will be presented from the easiest to the most difficult. We will calculate the time it takes for you to complete the tasks and allocate points based on this. So every minute you save will turn into extra points on your scoreboard.

    The new challenge will open every two weeks. We will inform you immediately when it is available. So are you ready to take on this CODE club challenge?!

    KODO klubas