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    You think you can crack our code?
    About the CODE club
    KODO klubas
    KODO klubas


    1. Description of the Game

    1.1. The IT professionals of various profiles, who will register and solve the increasingly difficult tasks in the CODE Club Game during the period from 4 June 2023 to 1 July 2023, will be given the opportunity to win the annual subscription to Pluralsight Training Platform (1 pc in total), tickets to BuildStuff conference (3 pcs in total), and the CODE Club sweatshirt (10 pcs in total). 

    2. Rules of the Game: 

    2.1. Who participates in the Game CODE Club, which is intended to promote the attraction of the employees of Telia Global Services Lithuania, UAB (hereinafter – the Game; Telia Global Services Lithuania)? All registered IT professionals (natural persons) (hereinafter – the Participants) who, during the period of the Game, solve on the Game’s website the tasks that have been provided. After the tasks are solved correctly, the participants in the Game will be allowed to win the annual subscription to Pluralsight Training Platform (1 pc in total), tickets to the BuildStuff conference (3 pcs in total), and the CODE Club T-shirt and socks (10 pcs in total).  

    2.2. The Game’s duration – from 4 June 2023 to 1 July 2023, inclusive. 

    2.3. The organiser of the Game is Telia Global Services Lithuania. 

    2.4. The employees of Telia Lietuva, AB and Telia Global Services Lithuania, UAB, cannot participate in the Game. If it is found that such a person somehow became the Participant in the Game and won a prize, such a person shall lose the prize. 

    2.5. The Rules of the Game (hereinafter – the Rules) lay down the conditions of the Game. 

    2.6. The Rules of the Game and all information are publicly available on the website www.kodoklubas.lt. 

    2.7. Telia Global Services Lithuania reserves the right to change the conditions of the Rules of the Game after informing about that 3 days in advance on the website www.kodoklubas.lt

    2.8. To ensure the transparency of the Game, Telia Global Services Lithuania intends to record, without additional remuneration and corresponding contract, the presentation of the prizes to the winners and to publish photos and/or video material with the winner in the Facebook account of the CODE Club and in the Linkedin account of Telia, and to present the forename, surname and city of the winner on the website www.kodoklubas.lt. The winner may object to such disclosure of the data. However, the win may be annulled, and a new winner will be selected in this case. 

    2.9. The Game’s prizes are not exchangeable for cash or other valuables.

    2.10. One natural person (Participant) can have only one account. Upon suspicious that Participant has created and/or used two or more accounts, the organiser of the game reserves the right to delete all other accounts, created after the original account creation date.

    3. Prize of the Game

    3.1. The prizes of the Game: the annual subscription to Pluralsight Training Platform (1 pc in total), tickets to the Build Stuff conference (3 pcs in total), and the CODE Club T-shirt and socks (10 pcs in total). 

    3.2. The personal income tax shall be declared and paid for the winner by Telia Global Services Lithuania if the legal acts provide for such. The winner must provide all personal details required for declaring. 

    4. Determining the Winner and Withdrawing the Prize of the Game 

    4.1. The winners are determined as follows: 

    4.1.1. At the end of the Game, on 1 July 2023, 23:59, after summing up all the points of the participants, that have been received in performing the programming tasks, the participants, that have collected the biggest number of points, shall win the following prizes: 1st place – the annual subscription to Pluralsight Training Platform, 1st to 3rd places – tickets to Build Stuff Conference, 1st to 10th places – the CODE Club sweatshirts. 

    4.3. The winner shall be informed by telephone within 5 working days, and the prize delivery is agreed upon. If three attempts to contact the winner are unsuccessful, another winner shall be selected. 

    4.4. After contacting the winner, he or she shall be reminded of the Rules of the Game. If the winner disagrees with the Rules of the Game, he or she shall be informed that he or she cannot be selected as the winner, and then another winner shall be chosen. 

    4.5. If the winner is a minor, then, in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts, the winner will be represented by his or her legal representative in the relationship with Telia Global Services Lithuania. 

    4.6. The prize of the Game shall be awarded to the winner by signing a transfer deed and acceptance. 

    4.7. Telia Global Services Lithuania reserves the right to remove the Participants from the Game and/or refuse to issue the prize of the Game, if the Participant has violated these Rules, or the winner could not be contacted for reasons beyond the control of Telia. 

    5. Personal data processing 

    5.1. Telia Global Services Lithuania is the Data Controller. Contact details of the Data Protection Officer: e-mail address: info-tgsl@teliacompany.com.

    5.2. The purpose of data processing: Execution of the Game. Categories of data processed: forename, surname, telephone number, account name of/link to the social network account, for example, Linkedin. The Participant shall have the right to (1) access his personal data processed by Telia, (2) demand the rectification, destruction of his or her personal data or suspension, except for storage, of the processing of his or her personal data; (3) not consent to the processing of the personal data of the Participant, etc.5.4. More information on privacy and personal data protection can be found at www.telia.lt/privatumo-politika

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