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    KODO klubas
    Cookies policy
    Cookies policy

    How do we use cookies?

    Seeking to improve your experience while visiting Telia sites we have been using cookies – small text files that are automatically created when browsing the site and stored in your computer or any other terminal equipment. By using the information collected by cookies we are able to ensure a more convenient browsing experience for you, provide you with appealing offers and find out more about our site visitors’ behaviour, analyse tendencies and improve both the site, customer service and the services provided by Telia.

    You may choose whether to accept cookies or not. If you object to storing cookies in your computer or any other terminal equipment, you may change the settings of your web browser and disable all cookies or enable/disable them one by one. Please note that in some cases this may slow down your browsing, restrict the functionality of certain site features or block access to the site. Further information is available at AllAboutCookies.org or www.google.com/privacy_ads.html.

    We typically use the information collected by cookies for the following purposes:

    The use of functional cookies and provision of services. Cookies are very important for the functioning of our website and electronic services, and they ensure smooth user experience. For example, if the user requests so, he/she does not have to enter the full name, password or other data each time he/she logs in.

    Service development. We monitor the use of cookies to improve the functioning of our website and electronic services. We receive information such as which parts of our site are the most popular, which websites are accessed by users from our site, from which websites users access our site, and the duration of staying on our site by users.

    Usage analysis. We use cookies to collect statistical data on the number of visitors to our sites and the use of electronic services, and to evaluate advertising efficiency. We may collect information, for example, from emails and newsletters sent for marketing purposes in order to find out whether emails have been opened and whether they encourage users to perform certain actions, for example, whether the user has clicked on the link to our website provided in the email.

    Targeted marketing orientation. While using cookies we may also collect information to provide advertising or content designed for the specific browser, thus creating different target groups.

    All information about cookies used on the site, their purpose, expiry and the data used is provided in the table below.

    Data on used cookies

    The Telia site may provide links to third-party sites, products and services, as well as social media extensions (e.g. Facebook extensions). Third-party services or applications presented on the Telia website are subject to the respective third-party privacy statement. We encourage you to read the applicable privacy policy of such third-parties.

    NamePurposeTime of creationExpiration dateInformation used
    _gat_UA-199213653-1    Certain data is only sent to Google Analytics once per minute at most. The cookie has a lifetime of one minute. As long as it is set, certain data transfers are blocked.    On opening the website    1 minute    Unique identifier    
    _gid, _ga      These cookies are used to collect statistical information about the website visitor count    On opening the website    2 years   24 hours  Unique identifier    
    pll_languageThis cookie is used to save the user’s language choice across our Website.On opening the website    1 year 
    KODO klubas