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    Cookies policy
    Cookies policy

    With the help of cookies and similar tools, during the session, websites can store or provide information about you, your device and your settings to your terminal device, mainly for the purpose of keeping the website running normally. Cookie talk can be provided with a personalized browsing experience and suggestions. You can choose which categories of cookies to accept. You can get acquainted with the descriptions and change the selections by clicking on the specific category of cookies. Blocking some types of cookies may disrupt the functionality and services provided to you on the website.

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    These cookies allow you to provide useful features that improve your browsing experience, such as remembering your settings and choices.

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    These cookies are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website. Necessary cookies allow you to browse the website and use the services and features provided on the website, such as logging in to self-service, recording unsuccessful login attempts, remembering the steps of the order and the shopping cart.

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    These cookies help us and our chosen partners to provide you with personalized and relevant advertising messages based on your browsing behavior on our website as you later visit other (third-party) websites. These cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of advertising, as well as for targeted marketing and profiling, regardless of whether you use one or more devices. The information collected for this purpose may be combined with other personal and traffic data about you that we hold about you as a customer, as long as you have given your consent to the use of traffic data for marketing and have not objected to the use of your data as a customer for marketing purposes.

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    These cookies provide us with information about how you use our website and help us improve the customer experience, in particular, by analyzing visitor traffic and trends of actions on the site, assessing the popularity of pages, etc.

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